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The-Regular-Class-at-PT.-Coca-Cola-Company,-in-2013LEVEL KUANTA TECHNOLOGY
The innovative technology which is taken and becomes the basis of learning methodology that is developed is called Level Kuanta Technology. This technology focuses on the process of digitizing and transforming science in the level energy.
This technology is formed from the some elements of basic paradigm, The First: the fact that the view of quantum world; the composition of element on all things in this world is energy that vibrates in a certain frequency. The faster its vibration, the more it can’t be caught by five senses. On the contrary the more slowly it vibrates, the more it looks and can be caught by five senses. In this paradigm, the science is categorized also as a ‘thing’ that also has its composition of element, it is energy which has very high vibration.
Secondly: mind technology; the mind operates in a certain way specifically and naturally. All information, and also science, are processed and kept in a specific way too. In consequence of it, managing on the way of the mind operates extremely determines the success of learning process, especially managing on the potency of this extraordinary mind, namely the subconscious mind. Here all information on the automatic level is recorded. The purpose of learning science is the mastery of it on the automatic level in the end, which is the function of the subconscious mind. So the completely right understanding on the way of the subconscious mind operates is much needed for the success of learning process.
The Third: computer technology; in the way of mind operates, there are a large number of processes like the computerizing process done by computer, however it is in the far more sophisticated and faster level. Separating between recording phase and that of utilizing data or information determines the success of learning, as different phase means different way of how to manage it. They cannot be mixed up, for they will result difficulties in the learning process that can cause low level of learning success.

Level Kuanta Mastering English is a new bound and breakthrough in learning English methodology. This method has been formed and being developed from the special quality application of Technology Level Kuanta, which focuses on the digitizing process on science in the energy level.
When it is noticed or learned from the procedure of the mind operates, generally the mastering process on any science and skill is carried out through 4 levels:

1. Unconscious-Incompetent
2. Conscious-Incompetent
3. Conscious-Competent
4. Unconscious-Competent

Level II and level III are the most uncomfortable phases. In these phases commonly the people mobilize their power, mind, and concentration to master a skill; usually by memorizing, reading often times, doing the tests etc. Although they have mastered it, They haven’t been accustomed and still have worry to do things that make failure.
In its learning methodology, Level Kuanta Mastering English carries out the accelerated process, moreover it can also be said to do by-passing learning process from level I goes straight on level IV. Level II and III are by-passed in a short time, so the learning process can be comfortable and enjoyable. Consequently, the learning activities which are commonly thought not nice, difficult, mobilizing lots of power, mind, and concentration are changed into an enjoyable nice process, so it becomes a need. Learning must not be tense and excited with enthusiasm any more, but it’s enough to do calmly, without being tense and comfortably, for science is power, comfort, and spirit, not a heavy burden which must be born. It should strengthen, not burden, not be boring or even be tiring.


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