During the process of learning, the learner may not use his / her analytical and critical thought too seriously, may not write and memorize too seriously, but they just notice all materials in a relaxation taught by the installer. In such condition, the process of transferring information will run optimally without experiencing a lot of hindrance that has results on developing of mastering materials. That way the learner will always be ambitious and be interested to continue learning English through the overall understanding that involves the oral and written competency of language.

In other words, the learner;

  1. will learn English comfortably but in the focus condition.
  2. does not need an intensive memorizing, but is able to absorb the materials taught optimally.
  3. does not have to write, but they will be able to write English well and accurately.
  4. has no materials repetition many times in the learning process.
  5. gets the very fast and accurate bound or acceleration of science.
  6. will make the automatic output for himself / herself who has got difficulties in learning English. English becomes easy, efficient, and effective.
  7. needn’t have an intensive conversations, but the output of the learner will produce free English conversation competence automatically (without being conceived in the form of dialogue).
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